Effective date November 2nd, 2023


At Down To The Hire, we are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your Personal Information. This Privacy Policy outlines who may use this site, how we collect, use, disclose, and protect your personally identifying information. We understand that your privacy matters and we respect your privacy choices.

Who May Use This Site

You may only use the Site if you are at least the age of 18 years. We do not intentionally solicit or collect any information from people who are under the age of 18 years.

Information Collected About You

We may collect "Personal Information" about you - including your IP Address, browser user agent, name, age, location, gender, email address and interests - in the following ways:
  • When you register on the Site; or
  • When you use certain interactive tools or applications on the Site.
In addition, each time you visit our website, our web server receives and collects information from the web request such as your Internet protocol (IP) address, browser user agent, domain name, browser type, software type, and operating system (OS) - from your computer via methods such as cookies and web beacons.
If you do not want your Personal Information used by Down To The Hire as provided in this Privacy Policy, you should not register as a user or use any tool or application that collects Personal Information.

We may use information we collect about you to:

  • Generally provide the features and functionality of the Site to you;
  • Provide you with access to particular tools and services;
  • Identify you as a Site user;
  • Send you personalized emails directly, including for marketing purposes and job alerts;
  • Respond to your inquiries and send you administrative communications;
  • Obtain your feedback on the Site;
  • Share personally identifying information with third-party companies for the purpose of data monetization. These third-party companies may include advertisers, data brokers, and other entities engaged in the collection and analysis of consumer data;
  • Conduct research and measurement activities to statistically analyze user behavior for any data monetization purpose; and/or
  • Improve and enhance your overall Site experience by providing you with more relevant content;

Information Disclosure to Third Parties

Down To The Hire does not provide Personal Information to any third parties except as disclosed in this policy.
How we share the information we collect about you:
Down To The Hire may directly share your Personal and Non-Personal Information with third parties (which may include advertisers, data brokers, and other entities engaged in the collection and analysis of consumer data) via a variety of data transfer methods. (You may opt out of data collection via pixel tag using your own system preferences by disabling images on the Site). Third parties may also be able to use their own independent data collecting devices - such as cookies, web beacons, and remarketing services such as Google AdWords - to access and track your Personal and Non-Personal Information. Your preferences collected through this process may be used to influence which types of marketing messages you receive from us and/or through us.
Third Parties
By using the services provided by Down To The Hire, you are deemed to agree that Down To The Hire may share your Personal and Non-Personal Information to third parties, which may include advertisers, data brokers, and other entities engaged in the collection and analysis of consumer data, to assist us and them in delivering relevant, targeted information that is aligned with user interests. Third parties will be able to access and use your information for any purpose, such as, but without limitation to, sending emails about job postings.
Service Providers
We also share personally identifiable information on an as-needed basis with companies that provide services to us. For example, the companies that operate our website, maintain our computers, and prepare our Postal mailings need access to the information necessary to perform their tasks. Likewise, the companies that administer features on our website, or that provide professional or logistics services to us may receive information about visitors in order to perform their work for us.
Opting Out
Use of our website includes the automatic collection of certain types of information such as your IP address and browser user agent. This data is collected from all visitors to the site to facilitate our website's operational functionality and for analytical purposes. If you choose to register with the Site, your consent to third-party sharing of additional Personal Information provided during the registration process is deemed given at that point. If you opt not to provide Personal Information during registration, we will not collect such information, and you may be unable to use certain features of the Site that require registration. Once you register as a site user you have the option to opt out of any emails we may send you.
Down To The Hire is not responsible for the information practices of third parties. We have no control over how third parties will use your information once collected.
Browser "Do Not Track" Signals
Please be aware that your browser's settings might enable the automatic transmission of a "Do Not Track" signal to websites and online services that you visit. It is important to note that the interpretation of "Do Not Track" varies within the industry, and there is no unanimous consensus regarding its implications. Like other websites and online services, Down To The Hire maintains its existing practices if it receives a "Do Not Track" signal from a visitor's browser. For more information on "Do Not Track," you may consider visiting http://www.allaboutdnt.com

Use of Automatic Data Collection Techniques

As you navigate through and interact with the Site, we utilize various automatic data collection technologies, including cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies, to gather specific details about your equipment, browsing behaviors, and patterns. These details encompass:
  • Information about your visits to the Site, such as traffic data, location data, logs, and the resources you access and utilize.
  • Data concerning your computer and internet connection, including your IP address, operating system, and browser type.
The information we gather can be statistical in nature but might also include personal data. We may keep this data or link it with Personal Information we gather in other methods or obtain from third parties. This aids us in refining the Site and providing an improved and more tailored service. Specifically, it allows us to:
  • Gauge our audience size and deduce usage trends.
  • Save details about your preferences, helping us tailor the Site to your unique interests.
  • Expedite your searches.
  • Recognize you upon subsequent visits to the Site.
Certain third-party entities, such as advertisers and content providers, might also utilize their own cookies, web beacons, or other tracking mechanisms when you engage with the Site. These third parties can possibly gather information about you, associating it with your personal details or tracing your online activities across multiple platforms. Such insights can enable them to present targeted content or interest-based advertisements to you.
If you ever encounter targeted content or advertisements that raise questions or concerns, we advise reaching out to the pertinent third-party provider for clarification. Moreover, to have enhanced control over specific third-party cookies, consider visiting http://www.aboutads.info/choices.

How we store and protect your information

Using this Site is at your own risk. In the interest of safeguarding your data, we employ rigorous measures both during storage and transmission. We utilize trusted cloud service providers to ensure a secure and reliable storage environment. During data transmission, we uphold industry standards such as SSL encryption and use secure protocols like HTTPS to maintain the confidentiality of your information. Additionally, access to stored data is strictly confined to essential employees. While we take these measures seriously, please be advised that communications via email or mail may not be as secure unless specified by us. We encourage you always to be cautious when sharing sensitive information.

Privacy Rights for California Residents

California residents may opt-out of the sale or sharing of personal data to third parties. California residents may also request copies of the categories and specific pieces of information collected about you, and may request that such specific pieces of information be deleted.
To request a copy of the categories and specific pieces of information we've collected about you, please email ccpa-data-requests@downtothehire.com or visit this page https://downtothehire.com/CCPA
To request that we delete the specific pieces of information we've collected about you, please email ccpa-deletion-requests@downtothehire.com or visit this page https://downtothehire.com/CCPA
For privacy related questions, you can write us at privacy@downtothehire.com
Changes to this Privacy Policy
We may update this Privacy Policy periodically to reflect changes in our data sharing practices and legal requirements. We will notify you of the date of the latest changes at the top of the policy.

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